Megatron ate my camera

Mixed emotions on this trip. Been excited all day about going in the big one – the River Sheaf. I packed the Peli case with the SLR and the new bright lights and headed off down the big one.

Wanted to experience the trip from start to finish – so I entered the the upstream entrance. Very quicky you are into chest deep water. But its only for a short while, and this time I was wearing my wetsuit, so I didn’t feel a thing. If only I could say the same for the Canon. Got out the camera and the Peli case was FULL OF WATER!! WTF? I just looked in disbelief. I mean this on the night before I head off to Mexico as well, and the bloody camera is F****d.

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The world at our feet – The Battersea Power Station Chimney Climb

IMG_4442-5  IMG_4529-23

On the South Bank of the river Thames, Battersea Power Station stands proud over London. Over a city that it once powered. From the houses of parliament to the south western suburbs. Four huge white chimneys set against a dark clear night. A beckoning climb…

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Looking for a staircase

 We went stumberling around in the dark looking for an elusive spiral staircase. Stepping Lightly led us through brambles and braken, up and down slippery slopes. It looks like its encased in a stone building. There are other options open to us though.

Sheffield Star Article slams climb

 After Snappel and I climbed the towers, Stepping Lightly and Scott went and had a go, they used an alpine style ascent. After that Scott, Oxygen Thief, Snappel and Dweeb all went and climbed it. A mass climb if you like. The reports of these other ascents are all on to be read. Each ascent was made with saftey at the top of the priority list. These thoughts make no difference to local press though. After Oxygen Thief published his trip report this article materialised:

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Its a jungle out there